Press Release – Somalia, Mogadishu

Pursuant to 12/12/2021 Extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee followed the joint press release of the Secretary-General and the Acting President and a majority of the Executive Committee.

The purpose of this article is to inform you about the decisions made by the Executive Committee today, December 12, 2021, which endorsed the allegations made by the President of the XSKK in accordance with the rules of engagement;

As proposed by the executive members in accordance with the SFF art code. 34 “P13” to the executive members we recommend the following to support their strike proposals;

  1. Violation of the law and the power to abuse (as stated in Articles 33, 43, 35, 60 and 75) while controlling the power of the Secretary-General are all responsibilities.
  2. Abuse of the SFF’s constitutional powers by ordering the suspension of bank deposits without consulting the parties concerned in the first place in accordance with the SFF Structure and (Bank Power Signatories).
  3. As it has failed to accept since September 19 the executive meeting to form / appoint a technical committee for the new SFF Rules review process which has been decided by both FIFA and SFF on 26th Oct 2020 so far.
  4. He also failed to accept the decisions of the September 19 executive committee meeting on the FGS New Year’s fixtures schedule for the start of the General Da’ud Cup (FA Cup), the Super Cup and the Somali League. Premier League. delay / hold until now.
  5. The unfinished projects are the extended VIP Seats at the WAMO Technical Center and Airport contracted by the same Contracting Company. These two projects are presented early in the current 2019-2022 period and the president has been in close contact with them all over the project process. The current central review reports on the alleged conflict of interest and related to FIFA’s limited funding compliance with executive members demanding a proper internal investigation.

The members of the executive committee voted to approve the proposal of the current members of the conference according to arttutes art. 33. At the beginning of the vote 6 members were accepted by a show of hands while 1 member abstained which means that the proposal was accepted.

The executive member has also been appointed to an internal commission of inquiry which will also be responsible for facilitating reporting of allegations and returning their recommendations in accordance with the SFF constitution.

The acting president of Somali Football Federation (SFF) has said that from today, all football activities and domestic competitions will resume. Congress to prepare for the next congress to approve the suspension by the executive committee.

According to the Media and Communication Federation, former Media Director Shafie Muhudin Abukar, who was previously suspended by the Secretary General on 29 November 2021, has also officially announced that the Website has not been officially launched. under the administration. of the SFF, as well as the SFF will not be responsible for any publication on these websites.

Now, the Secretary General of the XSKK has appointed Mr. Omar Ibrahim Abdisalam as the new Head of Information and Communication. As the SFF will publish in the coming days it is the official website and all the emails related to the relevant SFF departments.

In addition, they will be officially contacted by Somali Football Federation Secretary General Yusuf Mohamud Ahmed

Somali Football Media Department