Somali FA congress sacks president, installs senior VP as acting president

Somali Football Federation extra ordinary congress held in Mogadishu on Monday unanimously approved the dismissal of former president Abdiqani Said Arab, while installing Ali Abdi Mohamed, to lead the federation as acting president until next election congress due by the end of the year. Mr. Mohamed has been serving as Somali FA’s senior vice president since 2012.

The voting was conducted in a secret ballot in accordance with the statutes of Somali Football Federation. This was the first time a secret voting was exercised since 2006.

The extra ordinary congress follows the suspension of former president by the Somali Football Executive committee meeting held on 12th of December 2021 after he was accused of many wrongdoings including violating the SFF statutes, corruption and power abuse.

The extra ordinary congress which was proposed by the SFF executive committee, also approved the amendment of the current draft SFF Statutes upon the proposal of the executive committee. A technical committee in charge of the constitutional amendment was formed and the final draft will be discussed at the next ordinary SFF congress which is set to take place on 30th of April 2022.

The constitutional amendment has been a long-standing issue, but president Ali Abdi Mohamed, said that within the next 12 weeks, the SFF Statutes will be completed and approved at the next ordinary congress on April 30, 2022.

Somali Football Federation Media Department