Announcing of official list of candidates SFF Election

This is a follow up to the meeting held on 12′ January 2023 by the SFF Electoral
Committee in which the committee addressed the way forward on current pending election
matters. This discussion was based on fruitful meeting with FIFA officials on 11* January 2023.

The Election Committee has made decision on the completion of the SFF election. Therefore, we
are informing you that only 1 candidate list is eligible and has fulfilled all requirements.

According to the SFF Electoral Code art.11 Par. (1.2) for the official list of the Candidates
for the election of Somali Football federation, and also according to the SFF Statutes as per art. 30
par. (2) For election, I am informing you that the election schedule of the Somali football
federation will take place on 1th February 2023.