Dekedda SC wins General Daa’uud Cup, as Somalia shows solidarity with Morocco.

A minute of silence has been observed and a prayer session held at the beginning of the final match of Somalia’s General Daa’uud Cup, on Monday in order to show solidarity with Morocco and respect for those who died in the devastating earthquake that struck in parts of the country over night on Friday last week.
According to the Islamic way a du’a was made the tens of thousands of spectators at the stadium for those who lost their lives in the earthquake and for the country to quickly recover the damages caused by the calamity. Morocco is the only African country that supports football development in many African nations including Somalia.

Meanwhile, Dekedda Sports Club, has been crowned the winners of this year’s General Daa’uud Cup, the second most prestigious sporting competition played in the country after the Somali Premier League.
In the first minute of the match, Dekedda happened to take the lead after a penalty award was turned into goal by Anwar Said Ali, ending the first half in the same result.

Five minutes into the second half, Joshua Abdul Ouko Oyoo, made it 2-0 for Dekedda leaving opponents Elman FC in a shock. Elman played well and lost some key opportunities that could have been goals.

Top dignitaries including the minister for youth and sports, Mohamed Barre Mahmoud, Somali Football Federation president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, his deputies, ministers, parliament members and other government officials joined the thousands of enthusiastic football-lovers to enjoy the final match at Eng. Yariisow Stadium on Monday. Former International and current head of the SFF competitions committee, Abukar Islaw Hassan and his team were well praised for the successful organization of the event.

Somali Football Media Department