Somali FA Annual Congress exercises good governance as independent committees formed for the first time.

Somali Football Federation has made an advancement towards good governance and transparence, as the SFF’s annual General Assembly on Friday 30th of June 2023, approved the formation of several independent committees which are vital for the organization’s leadership and the smooth going of the day-to-day activities of the Somali Football Federation.

All 46 congress members from regional associations affiliated to the Somali Football Federation, football clubs and associations were in attendance at the day-long congress hosted at the Somali Football Federation headquarters.

The congress has made the best-ever achievement, as it unanimously approved all agendas tabled for discussion with no one abstaining or opposing and by virtue of that the congress was termed as “a record-breaking” congress which united the country’s football family.

The 2022 activity report was handed out and read to the congress by the general secretariat, while the expenditure of that same year was also presented to the congress by the general secretariat. The financial report of the 2022 and the 2023 activity plans were unanimously approved by the congress.
Meanwhile several independent committees which are vital for the good governance and accountability within the Somali Football entity, as per the suggestion of the Somali Football Federation executive committee were approved.

After a lengthy period of open and honest discussions, all 46 congress members unanimously adopted the following:
• 2021-2022 activity report
• 2021-2022 financial expenses
• 2023 activity plans
• 2023 annual budget
• Disciplinary committee
• Appeals committee
• Audit committee as per article 27 (1) P4 of the SFF statutes
• Approval of the appointment of the independent auditors as previously suggested by the executive committee.


The Somali Football Federation was formed in 1951, but the organization that governs football across the horn of African nation, has never had judicial bodies which are very indispensable when it comes to good governance and transparency. The formation and the approval of the independent judicial bodies was termed as a “tangible” advancement for the Somali Football Federation
While in a very jubilant mood, the president of Somali Football Federation, Ali Abdi Mohamed, commenced his closing remarks with appreciation and thanks to the congress members for unanimously agreeing on all agendas put forward to the congress and that Somalia has now formed some of the most important committees of the federation in its history.

“For some time this has been my dream, because the football entity cannot do its business smoothly without having the disciplinary, the appeals and the audit committees in place. Now I am happy and we can proceed from there” Somali Football Federation president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said in his closing speech.

“According to the roadmap given to us by FIFA, we have been able to implement good governance and I am very proud that only four months and a few days into my current mandate, the Somali Football Federation is exercising good governance as the independent committees are now active and that my administration has been able to unite our congress which fully adopted ‘YES” to all agendas tabled. It never happened in the country’s football that all members agreed on one thing” president Ali Abdi Mohamed, explained.

“Before coming to the end of my closing speech, let me express my gratefulness to FIFA and CAF for being the key pillars on which the Somali football stands. My heart-felt thanks are due to FIFA president Giani Infantino and CAF president Dr. Patrice Motseppe. “I am sending a big thank you to both of them for closely keeping up with the situation of football in Somalia and for their commitment to our football” president Ali Abdi Mohamed, said.

The date for the next Congress has been marked as the 31st of March 2024.

Somali Football Media Department