Author: Omar Abdisalam

Somalis forget sound of bullets, as football strengthens peace and integration

The sound of bullets, the smoke and the flames of nearly weekly car bomb attacks in Somali capital Mogadishu, have been replaced with a peaceful atmosphere which allowed tens of thousands of football fans from across the country turn up for this year’s edition of the Somali Inter-State football tournament which opened at Stadium Mogadishu on Friday 29th of December 2023.

Galmudug State took on Hirshabelle State on Friday’s opening match of the event which is annually organized by Somali football federation. Mohamed Said Adam, put Galmudug in the lead in the 22nd minute of the match after a penalty kick was awarded to him ending the first half 1-0. Both teams lost several opportunities which could have been goals, but Hirshabelle equalized in the 80thminute when a beautiful kick from Yasin Abdirahman Yusuf touched opponent’s net.

The two week-long tournament seems to be in contest with the country’s national football league in terms of enthusiasm and attendance, as the capital’s hotels have been busy with thousands of fans who traveled from different regions.

Football strengthens peace and promotes friendship among people.

The president of Somali Football Federation, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said that his federation prioritizes the organization of the Inter-State football tournament once in every year, stating that the event strengthens peace in the country and promotes love and friendship among people in different regions.

“It is our duty to promote the game and we are doing it. Using football as a tool to strengthen peace and stability is our strategy which has so far been successful and thanks to the president of the nation Dr. Hassan Sheik Mahmoud, who has been in the front lines for more than a year to create the peaceful atmosphere we are enjoying nowadays” SFF president Ali Abdi Mohamed, said.

“Another objective for organizing the Inter-State tournament is to create a platform for the young Somali talents in abroad, so they can integrate with their brothers who live in the country. This year the competition is different from the previous editions as participating teams recruited young talents from across Europe. This has also made the event more competitive” Somali Football Federation president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, told the media during the opening ceremony of the tournament at Stadium Mogadishu on Friday afternoon.

The prime minister of the federal government, Hamza Abdi Barre, was invited to kick the first ball to inaugurate the launch of the 2023 edition of the Somali Inter-State football tournament.  The event was due to start on the 15th of December but has been postponed due to technical issues, according to Somali Football Federation competitions department.

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Somalia lost key minister, the woman who restored Stadium Mogadishu into use.

Somalia has lost a key minister, the woman who did everything to get the country’s national football facility Stadium Mogadishu back into use.
Mrs. khadija Mohamed Diriye, who was the current minister for humanitarian affairs, but previously served as the country’s minister for youth and sport, unexpectedly died in Djibouti this afternoon.
According to government sources, the minister felt unwell and was rushed to hospital in Djibouti where she perished. She was attending a conference in the neighboring country.
Khadija Mohamed Diriye, served as the minister for youth and sport in 2010 and then from 2017 to 2021. During her second term as the minister, the late Diriye did everything to get Stadium Mogadishu back into the hands of Somali football federation after years of military and militant occupation.
After a prolonged struggle and efforts, the late Diriye, realized her dream of getting Stadium Mogadishu back into use in July 2020 attracting the attention of Somali youths who recognized her as the minsiter of the decade. She was termed as ‘the best’ and the most active minister of sport Somalia ever had.
The president of Somali football federation, Mr. Ali Abdi Mohamed, said that with minister Diriye’s death Somalia has missed a great sports personality.
“It is with sadness to hear of the bad news of Mrs Diriye’s death. We will be missing a woman who lent a forceful commitment to our sport, a woman who was the closest friend of Somali football Federation. She was a key member of the Somali football family” SFF president, Ali Abdi Mohamed said.
“I would like to send my sympathy to her children, relatives and to the entire Somali football family” president Ali Abdi Mohamed, added.
The book of condolence has been opened at the headquarters of Somali football federation where many have signed so far.

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Somalia organize special football event to celebrate its joining of East Africa Community.

After more than 10 years of diplomatic process and negotiations, Somalia finally secured its seat in the East Africa Community, becoming the eighth member of the trade block three weeks ago.

To celebrate the diplomatic triumph, Somali football Federation organized a four-team football event which kicked off at the country’s national football facility on Thursday with Dekedda Sports Club defeating Jeenyo FC 3-1 in the opening match of the [Celebrate with Somalia tournament]. Other clubs participating in the competition are Elman FC and Mogadishu City Club. The duo will fight on Friday in the second match of the special event which is being played in a single-elimination stage.

“We have organized, this special tournament to express our feeling of excitement, because we see the joining of the block as a gateway to a greater football development and integration “Somali Football Federation president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said in a statement.

East Africa Community membership is good for football promotion.

The president of Somali Football Federation, Ali Abdi Mohamed, sees his country’s joining of the East Africa trade block as a positive step in terms of football development, saying that the free movement between the member countries will give Somali footballers an opportunity to easily travel around the region for unofficial football friendlies.

“When Somalia’s joining of the East Africa Community was first announced last month, the only thing that came to my mind was that Somali youths will have a greater opportunity to move freely across the region and enjoy football with their brothers and sisters in the other countries of the block” Somali Football Federation president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said.

“Somalis are football-mad people and love competitions, so the joining of the block will see an increasing number of young Somalis traveling for unofficial football matches against their friends across the region and this will help promote football both in our country and in the rest of the member countries” president Ali Abdi Mohamed, added.

Previously Somalis needed entry visas to member countries of the block except Rwanda which is visa free for all Africans, meaning that to enter other countries of the EAC, Somali footballers like other citizens of Somalia will have to go through visa processing when traveling for CECAFA tournaments or other official football matches, but now that Somalia is a full member, all routes are open to the people of Somalia and that is why Somali Football Federation has organized the special football competition named after [Celebrate with Somalia tourney]. Member countries of the block are: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the newest country, Somalia.

Somalia’s Super Cup played outside Mogadishu for the first time in history.

Baidoa, the capital of the South Western Somali State, has had the opportunity to become the first city after the capital Mogadishu that hosted the country’s Super Cup match for the first time in Somali football history. Taking the Super Cup match to Baidoa, was part of SFF president’s policy to spread the game throughout the country.

The City’s Dr. Ayoub Stadium hosted the Somali Super Cup Match on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. Dekedda SC won the trophy after beating their rivals Gaadiidka FC 3-2 in the energetically-contested Super Cup Match. The Super Cup win was the second major victory for Dekedda in this footballing season, as it already won the General Daa’uud Cup, which is the second most enthusiastic sporting competition in Somalia.

“This year we have been able to take the Super Cup Match to Baidoa, the first time it has been played outside the capital. My plans are more and I am hopeful to achieve my goals before the end of my mandate. I want to take the game to all regions in the country so young Somalis can enjoy the game in their respected regions and states” Somali Football Federation president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said.

“Uncountable number of young Somalis were unable to get access to the beautiful game due to several combined reasons, but now I am saying that the time they would enjoy the game has arrived” SFF president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, emphasized.

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Somalia set for two int’l friendlies ahead of WC qualifier clashes against Algeria and Uganda

For the first time in its footballing history, Somalia will play two international friendly games within a week, in the run up to 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier clashes set for November. This is part of Somalia’s 2026 FIFA World Cup campaign.

A delegation composing of 16 footballers and 6 officials left Mogadishu on Sunday on their way to Morocco where they will be joined by 13 other players who trade their business in foreign football leagues on Monday.

Headed by Moroccan tactician, Rachid Lousteque, Somalia is set to play two international friendlies in the next FIFA window, the first international friendly against Niger on October 14, while on October 17 Somalia will face Sierra Leone in the second friendly. Both international friendlies will take place at Stade Berrechid in Morocco.

Meanwhile, in the first two matches of its World Cup campaign, Somalia will encounter Algeria on November 13, while on 21st of November Somalia will welcome Uganda to Morocco where Somalia will be using as its home for the world Cup qualifier clashes.

“This year we are playing two international friendlies; it will be the first time Somalia plays international friendlies. I am very delighted that we are in action ahead of our FIFA World Cup qualifiers against Algeria and Uganda “Somali Football Federation president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said while seeing off the team at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport on Sunday.

The president thanked his Moroccan counterpart Fousi Lakjaa for allowing Somalia to use Morocco as its home ground, as Somalia is not currently ready for hosting international matches.

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Somalia supports Saudi Arabia’s bid for 2034 FIFA World Cup hosting.

Somali Football Federation, has thrown its full support behind Saudi Arabia’s bid to host 2034 FIFA World Cup. The president of Somali Football Federation, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said in a statement that his federation is announcing Somalia’s full support for the Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the 2034 edition of FIFA World Cup.

“In recent years, Saudi Arabia, has made some tangible developments towards the beautiful game. Saudi Arabia made a big investment in its football, making the Kingdom’s Pro league, the world’s most-talked football story of the century. Saudi Arabia deserves to host the event” SFF president said in a statement on Thursday.

“Saudi Arabia has played a key role in the football development in many countries around the world and I hope the Arabian Kingdom will continue its influence in the global football development” the president of Somali Football Federation, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said in his statement adding that Somalia’s support for the Saudi Arabia’s bid for 2034 FIFA World Cup hosting was already in place and the Horn of African country will always be standing by side Saudi Arabia in its attempt to host the prestigious sporting event.

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Dekedda SC wins General Daa’uud Cup, as Somalia shows solidarity with Morocco.

A minute of silence has been observed and a prayer session held at the beginning of the final match of Somalia’s General Daa’uud Cup, on Monday in order to show solidarity with Morocco and respect for those who died in the devastating earthquake that struck in parts of the country over night on Friday last week.
According to the Islamic way a du’a was made the tens of thousands of spectators at the stadium for those who lost their lives in the earthquake and for the country to quickly recover the damages caused by the calamity. Morocco is the only African country that supports football development in many African nations including Somalia.

Meanwhile, Dekedda Sports Club, has been crowned the winners of this year’s General Daa’uud Cup, the second most prestigious sporting competition played in the country after the Somali Premier League.
In the first minute of the match, Dekedda happened to take the lead after a penalty award was turned into goal by Anwar Said Ali, ending the first half in the same result.

Five minutes into the second half, Joshua Abdul Ouko Oyoo, made it 2-0 for Dekedda leaving opponents Elman FC in a shock. Elman played well and lost some key opportunities that could have been goals.

Top dignitaries including the minister for youth and sports, Mohamed Barre Mahmoud, Somali Football Federation president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, his deputies, ministers, parliament members and other government officials joined the thousands of enthusiastic football-lovers to enjoy the final match at Eng. Yariisow Stadium on Monday. Former International and current head of the SFF competitions committee, Abukar Islaw Hassan and his team were well praised for the successful organization of the event.

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Somali FA Annual Congress exercises good governance as independent committees formed for the first time.

Somali Football Federation has made an advancement towards good governance and transparence, as the SFF’s annual General Assembly on Friday 30th of June 2023, approved the formation of several independent committees which are vital for the organization’s leadership and the smooth going of the day-to-day activities of the Somali Football Federation.

All 46 congress members from regional associations affiliated to the Somali Football Federation, football clubs and associations were in attendance at the day-long congress hosted at the Somali Football Federation headquarters.

The congress has made the best-ever achievement, as it unanimously approved all agendas tabled for discussion with no one abstaining or opposing and by virtue of that the congress was termed as “a record-breaking” congress which united the country’s football family.

The 2022 activity report was handed out and read to the congress by the general secretariat, while the expenditure of that same year was also presented to the congress by the general secretariat. The financial report of the 2022 and the 2023 activity plans were unanimously approved by the congress.
Meanwhile several independent committees which are vital for the good governance and accountability within the Somali Football entity, as per the suggestion of the Somali Football Federation executive committee were approved.

After a lengthy period of open and honest discussions, all 46 congress members unanimously adopted the following:
• 2021-2022 activity report
• 2021-2022 financial expenses
• 2023 activity plans
• 2023 annual budget
• Disciplinary committee
• Appeals committee
• Audit committee as per article 27 (1) P4 of the SFF statutes
• Approval of the appointment of the independent auditors as previously suggested by the executive committee.


The Somali Football Federation was formed in 1951, but the organization that governs football across the horn of African nation, has never had judicial bodies which are very indispensable when it comes to good governance and transparency. The formation and the approval of the independent judicial bodies was termed as a “tangible” advancement for the Somali Football Federation
While in a very jubilant mood, the president of Somali Football Federation, Ali Abdi Mohamed, commenced his closing remarks with appreciation and thanks to the congress members for unanimously agreeing on all agendas put forward to the congress and that Somalia has now formed some of the most important committees of the federation in its history.

“For some time this has been my dream, because the football entity cannot do its business smoothly without having the disciplinary, the appeals and the audit committees in place. Now I am happy and we can proceed from there” Somali Football Federation president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said in his closing speech.

“According to the roadmap given to us by FIFA, we have been able to implement good governance and I am very proud that only four months and a few days into my current mandate, the Somali Football Federation is exercising good governance as the independent committees are now active and that my administration has been able to unite our congress which fully adopted ‘YES” to all agendas tabled. It never happened in the country’s football that all members agreed on one thing” president Ali Abdi Mohamed, explained.

“Before coming to the end of my closing speech, let me express my gratefulness to FIFA and CAF for being the key pillars on which the Somali football stands. My heart-felt thanks are due to FIFA president Giani Infantino and CAF president Dr. Patrice Motseppe. “I am sending a big thank you to both of them for closely keeping up with the situation of football in Somalia and for their commitment to our football” president Ali Abdi Mohamed, said.

The date for the next Congress has been marked as the 31st of March 2024.

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Koobka General Daa’uud oo 26-ka bishan furmaya Muqdisho Stadium.

Furitaanka koobka General Daa’uud ee sanadkan waxaa uu xambaarsan yahay munaasabad kale oo ah 26-ka June oo ah maalintii ugu horeysay ee calanka Soomaaliya laga taagay dhul Soomaaliyeed oo xor ah.

“General Daa’uud wuxuu ahaa shaqsi ku suntan wadaniyad ahaana aas aasihii ciidanka xoogaga dalka Soomaaliyeed waxaana tartankan oo ah mid isaga lagu xasuusanayo furitaankiisa aan go’aaminay in lagusoo beego munaasabadda 26-ka June oo ah maalin ku weyn shacabka Soomaaliyeed”ayuu yiri guddoomiyaha xiriirka Soomaaliyeed ee kubbadda cagta, mudane Cali Cabdi Maxamed.

“Maadaama uu tartanku furmayo 26-ka June waxaa la dhigay koob hal maalin ah oo lagu weyneynayo munaasabaddan qaaliga nagu ah” ayuu hadalkiisa sii daba dhigay guddoomiyaha xiriirka Soomaaliyeed ee kubbadda Cagta mudane Cali Cabdi Maxamed.

Cayaarta furitaanka koobka General Daa’uud ee sanadkan waxaa isaga hor imaan doona naadiyada Elman SC iyo Albeder FC.

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Abudwaq wins Galmudug State districts’ football tourney

Abudwaq has been crowned as the winners of the 2023 edition of Galmudug State districts’ football tournament which was hosted at Adado Football Stadium.

Eight districts in the federal member state of Galmudug competed in the two-week long competition which was organised by Galmudug State football association with the assistance from Somali football federation.

The hotly-contested final match which was played at Adado Stadium on Monday afternoon ended in a 2-2 stalemate, but Abudwaq won the title 5-3 on penalties.

President of the regional state Ahmed Abdi Karie, Somali football federation president Ali Abdi Mohamed, ministers and lawmakers joined thousands of football fans from across the central Galmudug to enjoy in watching the final match on Monday.

The closing ceremony of the 2023 edition of the tournament was held at Galmudug State house over night on Monday.

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